Saturday, April 25, 2015

25/04/2015 Not much going on in the garden.......

 Maximum temperature 20C, minimum 11C. 1mm rain overnight.
17 km/h SW wind.


  1. Our snow ball bush hasn't finished leafing out yet, never mind flowering! I'm about to go out and cut the grass so I'll check it again. I've never made a bobotie but it sounds really nice. Do you make one with ground beef too? Would you recommend I try a fish or beef one to start with? We like both beef and fish (and chicken actually).

    1. Craig this seems to be a difficult question to answer!!! I preferred the fish recipe, it was tasty and lighter than the meat. Nigel says he prefers the meat dish so...................... I leave it up to you. When I made the fish one, instead of milk I used my home made fish stock which I think was much better, and tastier than using milk. Do not think this would work with any of the meat dishes though. Let me know how you get on. Have a good Sunday, we are off to another repas so will only be home late. Diane

    2. P.S don't foget your 1000 island dressing recipe.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Diane, spring is so welcome after winter. Keep well t'other Diane


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