Saturday, May 23, 2015

23/05/2015 A trip to the dechetterie and a few shots around the garden.

Maximum temperature 20C, minimum 4 C.  26km/h N wind.   Dry.


  1. Are you changing the shutter colour? I like the green actually! Your neighbours border planting is lovely. I must look up love in a mist, I'm not familiar with it and it's very pretty.

    1. No Craig, not changing the colour, we also like this particular shade of green. It is 10 years since we first did them and the paint that we used from Finland that said a 10 year life, it is only just staring to look a bit tatty. We have the same paint and colour to redo them so hopefully they will last another 10 years. It is expensive but worth it. French paint is hopeless and just does not last!

      That border of our neighbour is in full sun and it is thriving this year, Our main flower bed is in a lot of shade so is well behind. The Love in a Mist I planted when we first came here and it has reseeded year after year in blue and white. It can get a bit overpowering but pulls out easily at this stage before it starts seeding to tidy it up. I love it. Have a good day Diane

    2. Agreed about French paint. It was like milk, truly awful stuff and so expensive considering the poor quality!

    3. I have no idea how they make it Craig but it is U.S. and as you say not cheap. The paint we use is very expensive, but with a 10 year life span then it probably turns out to be cheap in the end. Diane


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