Wednesday, August 5, 2015

05/08/2015 Nigel goes to Piegut Pluviers market with the cookery students and a couple of photos in the garden.

Maximum temperature 33C, minimum 13C.  22 km/h NW wind. Dry.


  1. Looks like a good little market. I do like sweet william!

    1. Its a great weekly market Craig and I am surprised that the sweet william are flowering again as they have had little water. Diane

  2. Hi diane,
    don't worry about being busy, I am too and can't spend much time blogging ether!
    Since I got myself an Mac book, I don't have all the problems related to PC's and Windows and so on!!!
    No more 'bugs', it runs like clockwork ;-)
    Great pics, at markets I would buy just about everything!!
    Keep well and enjoy the end of the week)

    1. I seldom buy much at markets other then fresh vegetables if the garden is low but I enjoy looking. I have new Acer laptop, we looked at Macs but decided that they were just a bit too expensive! Take care and keep well Diane


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