Thursday, August 6, 2015

06/08/2015 Nigel visits a trout farm, some of the dishes he made today, and a couple of butterflies from the garden.

Maximum temperature 30C, minimum 14C.  19 km/h N wind. Dry.


  1. Love the trout farm. Nicely manicured grounds and the grass is green! Is that as a result of the rain you had do you think? Or do they irrigate? Food looks delicious. You'll be able to stay out of the kitchen now that Nigel has all of these new dishes in his repertoire!

    1. That grass must be irrigated, the whole of the rest of France in this area is brown! He he will cook the odd meal to give me a break but I am sure I won't get the chance to stay out. Especially with all the bottling coming up with plums, figs, medlars and quinces. Also hopefully some apples this year though they are small. Have a good weekend Diane


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