Wednesday, November 4, 2015

04/11/2015 A drive to see the sea for a change.

Maximum temperature 20C, minimum 11C.  47 km/h S wind. Light rain over night that barely registered in the rain gauge.
Driving by the Abbaye de Bassac...

and Jarnac...

and close by Cognac...

where the grapes have a certain autumn look about them.

Driving through the toll.

We finally came to Chatelaillon....

the station....

and the 'lady' outside the restaurant where we had an excellent, and inexpensive meal.

These flowers were in the garden outside the station...

The pansies were outside the station and along the beach.....

which was very quiet, the tourists have all gone home it seems.

I took more photos on the way home and will add a few tomorrow.


  1. Its nice to visit the beach in cooler months when the crowds have left. How long does it take to get there.?

    1. We would never go in that direction during holiday time. We only tried it once and the traffic was horrendous. It took us well under 2 hours today, in traffic it can take double that time easily!!! T'other Diane

  2. Wonderful, wonderful photos!!! Your flower photos are always so real - like I could touch them right through the computer screen!

    1. Thanks so much Doniene, what a lovely compliment and much appreciated. Diane

  3. Hello Diane. .Love the signs they do over there..Fab artwork. Great that you are both getting out and about. . Great time of year to go. Take care Anne xox

    1. Anne I also love their signs, and through them, we often see things we would normally drive right past . The weather has been great and it was good day to be out. We have a lot on in the next few weeks so it was a good chance to take a day off from normal run of French happenings. Take care Diane xox


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