Thursday, November 5, 2015

05/11/15 A few photos from yesterday as promised, and the oil delivery for our heating arrived today.

Maximum temperature 21C, minimum 9C. 31 m/h S wind. Dry.
Driving past what looks like quarry workings.

Trees full of mistletoe.

A roundabout with a dragon!!

and another one so pretty with flowers.

We then saw this sign so went to investigate...

Here they discovered the skeleton of a Neanderthal man in 1979....

One of the caves at the site, sadly it was all closed for winter so there was little to see...  If you want to read more see here.

Excavation taking place.

Map of the area and the village of Saint Cesaire...

the island in the village...

the church...

and the old lavoir (wash place).

Back home the oil tanker arrives....

and filling the tank for our heating.


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    1. Thanks José, it was an interesting day. I would like to return to the Peleosite when it is open, but the problem then is it would be over run with tourists!!! Have a great weekend Diane


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