Monday, November 16, 2015

16/11/2015 Out to lunch with friends today so only a couple of photos taken en route.

Maximum temperature 18C, minimum 4C.  25 km/h SW winds. Light drizzle.
Last nights sunset.  Orange vapour trails.


Le Rivaillon, Vitrac.

Action at Lidl....

Work progresses at the new Lidl.

Resistance memorial Chasseneuil.

My pet hate - Wind turbines or better known here as éoliennes.


  1. The colours & lines in the sunset are spectacular

    1. Thanks CountryMum, We seldom ever saw vapour trails when we lived in South Africa, but here they seem to be in the sky daily and sometimes many at one time. If the sun catches them right then this is the beauty we see. Diane

  2. Its interesting to go along with you on your outing. At least wind turbines are cleaner than coal. So sorry to hear about the terror in your country. Keep safe!

    1. Thanks Diane. Wind turbines my be cleaner but see here . The other problem is for many of the birds and bats it is a slow death as they do not get killed outright. The turbines also do little to beautify the countryside, and they are noisy!!! There must be better ideas! Keep well t'other Diane

  3. That sunset photo is amazing!


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