Tuesday, November 17, 2015

17/11/2015 A grey and dismal day with drizzle on and off.

Maximum temperature 16C, minimum 9C.  43 km/h S winds.  Rain but not measured yet.
This photo of the pampas is for Roger ;-) His are taking a long time to grow!

Red Robin with water droplets.

Coulemelles or  lépiotes élevées....

as above;  these are edible. Beware though if you are not sure, have them checked as shorter stemmed ones similar are poisonous.

Possibly Lactarius cimicarius and inedible.

Possibly Mycena family

The wasp man.  This nest has been around for a while under the cotoneaster but Nigel was stung a couple of days back!

Sweeping up leaves.

The golden carpet under the ginkgo biloba tree.


  1. Wasp stings are nasty, hope the man got rid of it. I was amazed in Switzerland how people went into the forest to pick mushrooms and they knew which ones were safe and which were poisonous. How do you learn that?

    1. Yes Diane the wasps are gone, thankfully, they had become a problem as there were so many of them. When we go out walking with the club all the French know which mushrooms ere edible, guess they were brought up learning about them. We just do not take a chance and we check first. Take car t'other Diane

  2. Hello Diane,
    Oh those leaves!
    I have been raking plane and oak tree leaves for days and I am not finished.
    Being alone here now now is a real nightmare.
    You are lucky to have this Ginko growing nicely, we planted 4 but they all died, one being eaten by Roe deers!
    A pity Nigel got stung by wasps, they are so useful in a garden keeping flies and bugs in check.
    Keep well and enjoy your day

    1. Noushka the leaves are a nightmare and the oak tree has hardly started dropping its leavesyet, I can imagine for you alone it is really hard work. The Ginkgo was here when we bought the house 10 years ago but it has grown a fair bit since then though I think they are generally slow. I am glad the wasps have gone, it was a big underground nest and I am allergic to them. I kept my distance as much as possible but Nigel was not close when he was stung and all he was doing was standing talking to me. The last sting I had I ended up in hospital and then they gave me a drug I was allergic to so I do not need a repeat of that episode! I hope things are improving for you and that there is some interest in the house, take care Diane x


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