Thursday, November 19, 2015

19/11/2015 Taking you on a very wet drive today!

Maximum temperature 17C, minimum 11C.  39 km/h SW wind. 5mm rain measured this morning, still raining. 
Just after leaving home...

we soon came across this road hazard! Note the bull standing on the right.

Hay bales in plastic wrapping down the right hand side of the road.

The narrow roads of L'Arbre.

Passing a barn.....

a church and a war memorial.

We went to see a tiling job and this is part of it.

Autumn coloured fern taken through an open side window on the way home...

Boue = Mud!

and again with the side window opened,  the same bull as we saw going.


  1. Wow that is a lot of bull! (hee hee) The rain makes interesting dreamy shots. Creates emotion......I'm giving a talk at camera club about showing emotion in photos.

    1. Yes he is a big chap, but he seems to be fairly docile though I would not try going in the field with him unless I knew for sure. He was standing with his back to the wind and rain and looking pretty dismal yesterday. I have often seen him around but never managed to get a good photo of him before. Rain certainly gives photos an emotional look and some a bit ghostly! Have a good weekend t'other Diane

  2. We´re still having great weather here, but It's supposed to change tomorrow... What an amazing animal that bull is!

    1. I am glad that he was close enough to the fence to get a photo, he is quite often in another paddock with lots of trees and difficult to see. Winter seems to be arriving this weekend :-( Diane

  3. Replies
    1. He is that and appears to have a kind temperament as well. Have good weekend Diane

  4. Wow a lot of rain!!! He is a massive fellow - but looks agreeable enough!

    1. Thank goodness it has dried up a bit today the last two days have been very wet. The bull is a big chap. Keep well Diane


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