Thursday, November 26, 2015

26/11/2015 Scraping the bottom of the barrel for photos today!!! Wet and dismal,

Maximum temperature 10C, minimum 4C. 50 km/h NW wind gusts.   7mm rain not forecast!
There was a patch of blue up there from time to time!

Fir and rain drops


Leaves and rain drops.


As above.


A rock puddle.

The neighbours snapdragons.

Clearing out the other barn!!


  1. The moss photo is a work of art Diane - well done! That's quote a stash of chutney's etc in your barn. Are the number plates old RSA ones? We have the California plates from when we shipped our cars over to France hanging in our office.

    1. Thanks Craig, moss is actually an amazing plant but being so small it is not usually that noticeable.
      Chutneys, jams, preserved vegetables, preserved fruits (usually in alcohol) and an over dose of chillies this year ............
      As for the number plates - ex Rhodesia, South Africa and Bophuthatswana which does not even exist any more! My favourites though are the ones that caught the glare! My initials, and the best ever porsche models; dps356 and dps911. It is scary when we look at what both of these cars are worth today!!!!! Have a good weekend Diane


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