Friday, November 27, 2015

27/11/15 A drive to the shops.

Maximum temperature 11C minimum -1C.  26 km/h SW wind. 1 mm rain and frost.
France remembers.

Backward view.

Xmas decorations - Leclerc,

As above.

Narrow roads.


Heavily pruned!

Wood carving.




  1. Oh my... look at the colour of that sunset! Gorgeous!

    1. We do not often get good sunsets in winter, this is an exception. Have good day Diane

  2. Another great day of photos!!!! I LOVE the building in the first photo!! Where is there logging in France? I think of Europe of being all city - I think I'm very much miss informed!!!

    Blessings and hugs!

    1. Doniene I have sent you an email but yes you are miss informed. We have about 30% of the country as forest and huge agricultural farms as well. We live in the country, the largest city to us is about 30 mins drive with a population of 42,242, Paris is about 5 hours drive from us with a population of 2,240,621. Have a good weekend, hugs Diane


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