Wednesday, January 13, 2016

13/01/2016 Feeling the cold today, went for a hair cut though as my hairdresser is going on leave for a month.

Maximum temperature 11C minimum 0C.  44 km/h S winds.  4mm measured from yesterday.
My hairdresser.

Xmas deco still at the supermarket.

Last year's Easter deco at the end of the shop also still there.

The new Lidl will be ready very soon.

Chasseneuil station, restored to flats. The trains still run but there is no booking office.

Hogging the road!

An old verandah in Chasseneuil.

The old weighbridge.

Today's fuel prices, diesel under €1 per litre  :-)

Driving home, the log pile is getting smaller.

Our friend returns.

The robin keeping its distance....

as is the sparrow.


  1. Great about fuel prices. We are driving down to Switzerland through France in just over a week so it should make the fuel costs less. Lovely bird pics.

    1. Hi Gaynor, you will only get these prices if you go off the highways, be there prices have not dropped! Guess you are going skiing, have a good time and take care. Diane

  2. My hairdresser is in Yarnell and I hope to see her in a few weeks. Hate to look for a new one. Love the window paintings. Good price for fuel. Our diesel is just under $2/gal.

    1. Gaelyn we think it is a good price, but when we look at your price which works out at about 40 cents a litre then we realise that we are being ripped off! Hope all is well Diane


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