Tuesday, January 12, 2016

12/01/2016 Took time out today to go to scrabble, the first time I have played this year.

Maximum temperature 10C, minimum 3C 60 km/h Westerly winds. 9 mm of rain.
Arriving at Vitrac for scrabble, the rain had just stopped.

La Rivaillon, the stream that runs through the village is quite full though not in flood,

Looking from the other side of the bridge.


In the village.

The church, with the hall where we play scrabble on the right.

This table is full of belote players.

We stick with scrabble, quite complicated enough for us in French !

Having something to say it seems

to each other!

I was watching the elephant this morning at Tembe National Park, also various antelope and warthog.  This evening at 21h11 I was lucky enough to see a lion go down for a drink.
If you are interested this is a great webcam.


  1. Scrabble in French! That's a good way to learn the language. Village pics are lovely all washed clean with the rain.

    1. Scrabble does not really help learn the language! I play around with the letters till a word looks like it may be French then check it out, most of the time I have no idea what the word means so it is not a lot of help!!! It is a pretty village at the best of times so washed and clean just helps a bit more. Hope all is well t'other Diane

  2. You may be tired of all the rain but it sure makes your world looks crisp and clear. Must be a challenge to play scrabble in French.

    Still haven't seen a lion.


    1. Scrabble in French is not really a lot harder than English, except there are 37 verb endings in French which if you know them all certainly helps. Just moving the letters around to look like a word seems to work most of the time; but then I have no idea what the word means!!! We play with two very good French ladies who will always give a helping hand if it is needed.

      I was lucky with the lion last night, I had the cam on in the back ground and I heard it roar so switched over just as it walked into the cam area. :-) Diane


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