Sunday, January 17, 2016

17/01/2016 A Repas.

Maximum temperature 9C, minimum 0C.  16km/h SE wind. Dry.
Today's menu

Jean-Paul serving the soup..

the hall was packed,

Tombola prizes

Assiette Gourmande and I was already full...

Missed the photos on the other courses but here is the patisserie, 

Nigel won a set of boules pétanque.....

and a gigot of sanglier.

Our friends won this plant.


  1. Wow! How lovely, hope you both enjoyed x

    1. It was great Ann though I eat far too much :-)) Hope you are well Diane x

  2. Wow Diane..what a repas !!! They sure know how to put on a meal. Would be full for days. Great prizes too. Take care xox Anne

    1. Hi Anne, we were happy with our prizes though we now have two sets of Boules. As you say they sure know how to put on a meal!!! Hope all is going well for you..... Diane xox

  3. It looked like a fun day with some rewards. How do you keep slim with all that beautiful food in France.

    1. The answer is to not eat for a couple of days after one of these dos! :-)) Not always easy to watch one's weight, t'other Diane


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