Tuesday, January 19, 2016

19/01/2016 A trip to Angouleme to our favourite restaurant, and looking at bicycles.

Maximum temperature 10C, minimum 2C.  17 km/h S wind.  2mm rain measured this morning. Drizzle most of the day.
A wet drive into town that was not forecast!


A lake next to the N10 which is close to the Charente River.

An old house in Angouleme.

Chez Doud.

Interior decoration.

My main course :-)

Bouti Cycle....

Pro Bike 16.

Driving home this Porsche passed us; the weather was much drier.

Nearing home, just another road hazard.


  1. It is interesting to follow you into town. Aren't those trucks scary. Here they think they own the road.

    1. If only the truck driver being passed would slow a little to let the passing truck in it would help, but it seems to become a race in the end. I am not impressed with driving here in France full stop! They seldom indicate and they are inclined to just drive out in front of one! Stay safe, t'other Diane


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