Wednesday, January 20, 2016

20/01/2016 A walk around the garden.

Maximum temperature 11C, minimum 2C,  16 km/h NE winds. 2mm measured this morning.
Daisy and rain drop.

Lily seeds.


Toadstool and last night's rain drops.

Viburnum tinus.

Bergenia Cordifolia.

Up, up and away overhead.

Rain drops.

Broad Beans.




  1. Thank you for your sweet email voicing concern. Yes, I'm fine. Just not motivated to take photos, plus, I received an iPad for a Christmas gift, so my computer time has been "playing" with me new toy. I don't really like to post from my iPad vs the desktop, but it is really just a learning curve. I do read blogs, just not commenting.

    Love your garden photos. We're your rains damaging? I saw on the weather channel that you have had a great deal of rain.

    Blessings and hugs!

    1. Glad to hear you are well. I have a nexus (similar to and ipad though cheaper!) and yes blogging from it is not so easy. When On holiday I just take the odd photo with it and publish direct from the nexus. Impossible to download from the camera.
      We are high so although a lot of rain no damage done that we know of.
      Take care. Hugs Diane


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