Thursday, January 28, 2016

28/01/2016 A drive to La Rochefoucauld.

Maximum temperature 13C, minimum 6C.  32 km/h S winds. Drizzle on and off not measured yet.
Passing the little chapel at Fleurignac again.

La Rochefoucauld  D942

We had our annual blood tests at the lab.


As we had empty stomachs for the blood tests we stopped here for a coffee and a croissant after.

Diesel is cheap(er) here at the present time.  0.936€ per litre.

Bridge over the N1

A 'string' of ambulances, maybe they were new drivers?

Car ghosts :-)

Nearly home and a logging hazard/

Our neighbour.


  1. Nice to have fuel cheap enough to actually go for a ride. Diesel same as gas here just under $2/gal.

    1. So that means approximately your fuel is half the price of ours! As Nigel says though, most of the American engines are much bigger than what we have. Have a good weekend Diane


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