Friday, January 29, 2016

29/01/2016 Went for a walk this morning as the weather was so good so all the photos are within about 3 km radius of home.

Maximum temperature 12C, minimum 3C.   24 km/h N wind gusts. Dry.
Horses just down the road.

Looking across the fields, the road leads to home.

A selfie!!


There are often ducks here but none today.



Winter feed.

The other photos I will add to tomorrows post.


  1. Some green grass and blue sky... that must make a nice change from the white and grey.

    1. It was such a lovely day but back to grey and drizzle again today!! Keep well Diane

  2. Nice to see a little green in these bleak winter scenes. Is mistletoe an invasive there?

    1. Gaelyn I think that Mistletoe is a problem in some areas but nobody seems to worry about it in these trees which is where it mostly grows. I do know that at Christmas the English gather as much as they can if they have a van and take it back to the UK to sell.. Lots of kissing obviously under the mistletoe. It is mostly too high to gather easily though. It was such a lovely day yesterday. Keep well Diane

  3. Lovely pictures. I love horses.
    Yes you have reason : Is cold there I know you are in the middle of winter..

    1. Thanks Gloria for the comment, I also love horses, they were always a part of my life and I do miss them. We have had a fairly mild winter so far but I am sure it will change! Have a good day Diane


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