Saturday, January 30, 2016

30/01/2016 The rest of yesterday's walk. Raining most of the day today!

Maximum temperature 13C, minimum 3C.  64 km/h SW wind gusts that were quite chilly.
View across the fields

Private Hunting area.

The track where I walked.

Old storm damage.

Hay bales under plastic.


A very little pony.

The back of a friends farm.

Almost home. Note the wind turbines in the distance!


  1. Looks like you had a really nice walk yesterday. Such pretty scenery. The horse is very little!

  2. That hairy little pony is adorable. You have a nice area to walk in.

    1. Very cute pony but he was not very interested in me! It is a nice walking area, but one to be careful of in the hunting season, control of wild boar (sanglier) is essential for the farmers as the numbers are huge and they do a lot of damage to the crops. Have a good day Diane


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