Thursday, February 4, 2016

04/02/2016 A trip to Chasseneuil, Champniers and a couple of birds. Also had the fruit trees pruned today.

Maximum temperature 10C, minimum 0C.  39 km/h SW winds. Dry. Well sort of there was a bit of drizzle!
The experts came to prune all our fruit trees today, full days job!

Nigel surveying the 'damage'.

Old tractor in Chasseneuil.

Lidl has its signs up :-)

En route to Champniers.

Champniers - Angouleme's Industrial area.

Decathlon, sports shop - two warm winter vests and a good pair of walking shoes.

La Rochefoucauld Château in the distance.

Shopping at the supermarket on the way home.


Great tit.


  1. Enjoyed your trip to buy warm vests. It is scary watching your trees being pruned. I'm always scared that they are not going to grow again.

    1. Diane I have to agree the pruning looks a bit vicious but hopefully we will still get a good supply of fruit :-) The quince tree looks particularly bare but...... Have a good weekend, t'other Diane

  2. A bit of heartbreak seeing your beautiful trees trimmed, but sure does them good.

    1. I know Gaelyn but they do look so sad and barren at the moment :-(( Diane


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