Friday, February 5, 2016

05/02/2016 A local walk in yet another direction.

Maximum temperature 16C, minimum 7C.  28 km/h S winds. 1 mm rain overnight.
I was being watched!

Rose hips against a grey sky.

The ground is waterlogged.

Bus stop, but only a school bus comes here.

Walking down the road. Look very carefully and you can see a few starlings on the wing.

Old well.

Think this roof leaks!

Daffodils outside a home.

And one picked for a close-up.

Well number 2.

Not sure who lives in this dear little place with the lovely post box.  The door is no more than 4 foot high!

Grapes that have been pruned.

Looking across an old  sunflower field towards our local château.

My new shoes did well for first time out :-)

The second half of my walk (under blue skies) I will put on tomorrow as nothing much is planned at this stage.

A late add on of the sunset.


  1. Loving your walks Diane - cannot wait to come down at the end of March xx Take care

    1. Not long away now Ann you will soon be here. Have a good weekend Diane xx

  2. Wow!! What a sunset! Gorgeous colours.

    1. Thanks CountryMum, it was quite spectacular, I was lucky to catch it as I had been inside and just walked out at the right second, within a few moments it was gone. Hope you have a good weekend Diane

  3. Do you make rose hip tea? Daffodils are a sure sign of spring. People must have been shorter when that one house was built. Glad the new shoes are working out, and thanks for taking me along.

    1. Gaelyn I have been meaning to make tea but with all the other fruit and veg I have not had the time. We both drink ginger and lemon so I am not sure if it would be used that much. The French generally are short, but that is a bit extreme. Having said that our door to the outside from our bedroom is probably only 5 foot, too low for both of us by a very long way. We seldom use it though. Take care Diane


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