Sunday, February 14, 2016

14/02/2016 Grey skies but dry so I managed to go out for a walk.

Maximum temperature 9C minimum 3C.  48 km/h W wind gusts.  15mm rain measured this morning. 
Walking through very wet countryside.

Being watched by les vaches....

and le taureau - he is a big lad!

More fire wood.

Do you think someone forgot to open the door before driving in or out!

Interesting sign - Refuge LPO - Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux.
Shelter - League for the Protection of Birds.
Here is nature protection.

Flooded fields...

as above.

Road crossing, thank goodness my new boots are waterproof and they worked!

Old farm implement.

The sun was trying but never quite made it.


  1. Water, water everywhere. Glad the new boots keep you dry.

    1. So right, more rain today but now it looks like it is going to turn cold instead! Diane

  2. Great pictures. Makes me long for a return visit to France.

    1. Thanks David for your visit and comment, anything stopping you :-) Diane

    2. Not really, I guess, but there are always choice to be made. Every time I visit a country I always want to go back there but the lure of somewhere new often wins out.

  3. You are certainly having a lot of rain. Be careful on your daily walks.

    1. It looks like it is going to dry out a bit now but the cold is moving in instead! Diane


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