Monday, February 15, 2016

15/02/2016 Weather still damp but getting colder! Feathered friends and a couple of shots from yesterday.

Maximum temperature 7C, minimum -1C.   54 km/h N winds. 2mm rain measured this morning.
Hey what you doing down there?

Must have gone!

Checking over my shoulder.

Face at the window; Blue tit.

Chaffinch keeping its distance...

also the goldfinch...

and greenfinch.  Great tit flying off.

A braver great tit.

Horses watching me while out walking yesterday....

and cows feeding.


  1. I do love your bird images, I can never get that close. X

    1. Thanks Karen, I am lucky with the tits as they are for ever on the window sill, none of the others are so brave. Have a good day Diane x

  2. Your close up bird captures are stunning.

    1. Thanks Gaelyn, the tits are very co-operative :-) Have a good day Diane

  3. It is a cute Blue Tit. Great birds and horses photo.

    1. Thanks Nancy, the blue tits really are very cute. Take care Diane

  4. I think that Blue Tit must be the subject of more blogs than any other species, no doubt because they are so common, and also the epitome of cuteness.


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