Tuesday, February 16, 2016

16/02/2016 Out for a walk, dry though very wet underfoot, blue skies and a very cold wind.

Maximum temperature 8C, minimum -2C.  48 km/h N wind. 1 mm rain measured this morning, dry since.
Mr Sparrow at home before the walk...

Mr Chaffinch...

as above.

Mother and calf.

The moon is up.

Winter wheat.

Good job my new boots are waterproof!


Track through a private forest.

Dam. Look carefully to the right where I have put an arrow and you can see an egret.
Sorry when walking I only carry the little Samsung L201.

The same little pony that I saw a week or so ago.

Gaelyn, note the ivy in these trees!

What could be a cute little cart.

The first sunset in weeks.


  1. Great job. Interesting series of pictures.

    1. Thanks David, glad you enjoyed the virtual walk. Diane

  2. Beautiful sunset, and I really love your cow & calf photo.

    1. Thanks CountryMum, the cow and calf were very good and just stood and waited for me to take a couple of photos :-) Diane


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