Wednesday, February 17, 2016

17/02/16 A walk around the frosty garden.

Maximum temperature 8C, minimum -3C,  17 km/h SE wind. Dry.
A frosty start to the day.

Mrs Sparrow....

Morning stretching exercises...

Mr Sparrow...

and Mrs checking the sky for birds of prey.


Japanese quince.

Red Robin in bud.

One lone crocus struggling with the cold....

and a lone daffodil.

Daisies in the lawn.

The start of flowers on the broad beans,





  1. Lovely photos I guess they were taken with a different camera. ? Like you when I'm out & about I have a small camera in my pocket mine is a Panasonic DMC. But I'd like a new one with a better lens Not sure what to choose, any advice as I need something that's easy to use, More like what I call an aim & shoot . I can't master fiddling with lenses . We woke up to a sprinkling of snow this morning, it's gone now but the sky looks very grey. I'm enjoying seeing your daily photos.

    1. Yes Barbara, different camera. You can see what cameras I have if you look at the 'Cameras I Use' on the headings at the top of the page. The above shots were with my Nikon. My husband has just bought a pocket camera which so far he is happy with - a Nikon Coolpix S700. My Samsung is old, but while it still works I use it. The Nikon with the telescopic lens is awkward to carry out walking but sometimes I regret not taking it! We have not had snow (yet) but sooooooo much rain!. Glad you are enjoying my posts. Diane

  2. Not so cold really....and spring is waiting in the wings.

    1. LOL David anything under 20C is cold to me, I lived for too long in Africa to appreciate European winters! Diane

  3. I do like the sparrow on the statue head!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    1. Thanks Stewart, they seem to use that head a lot, it is obviously perfectly placed! Diane


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