Thursday, February 18, 2016

18/02/2016 Rubbish day and rubbish photos!

Maximum temperature 3C, minimum 1C.  55 km/h S wind.  2mm rain measured this morning.  Raining on and off all day.
Blue tit at the window!!!

Great tit.

Chaffinch paddling.

Driving to the shops.

Brico Leclerc...

Cyclamens for sale.....


Unusual orchids...

What we were after, soil and manure on specials...

also a couple of pots....

hyacinths and daffodils,

A drive by shot of a château we only see in winter when the trees are bare.


  1. Bonjour,
    My husband and I were in Brico this morning and I recognised you ! I nearly introduced myself but did not want to disturb you on your busy shopping trip..... Certainly the weather has not improve during the day .
    Amitiés. Béatrice

    1. Oh what a pity you did not introduce yourself. It would have been good to meet another blogger. Maybe we could meet for a coffee some time. We were not that busy, just buying a few specials and then going over the road afterwards. Bonne soirée, Diane

  2. Your day was pretty much like ours, except we were replenishing the bird seed, and buying some mouse traps, as we've heard scratching during the evenings & this morning found a lot of the filling in our settee has been gathered in a pile, ready for a mouse to make a nice warm nest ! What a shame that lady blogger didn't have the courage to say hello, especially as she posts comments on your posts.

    1. We have not had mice for a while (or no sign of them) thank goodness. Yes I am sorry she did not say hello but maybe we will meet up again.. Keep warm and dry Diane

  3. Though a bit dreary, looks like a productive day!

    1. yes Doniene we got a few jobs done without getting too wet!!! Hope you are well Diane


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