Friday, February 19, 2016

19/02/2016 Out for a walk.

Maximum temperature 11C, minimum -1C. 26 km/h SW wind. 2mm rain measured this morning.


as above.

Mrs Chaffinch.

Very little horses!

The lambs are growing.

Le Rivaillon.


Vitrac church.

A very noisy donkey.

Storm damage,

Le Rivaillon. Generally a small stream but the rain has turned it into a river.

Vincas growing by the side of the road.

Dandelion with small bee.

Returning home this double rainbow was in the sky.

As above.
I took more photos while out but if the weather is as forecast tomorrow I will put them on then.


  1. Dandelion in flower already ! Love how you managed to capture the double rainbow, Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Barbara there are several dandelions around! Sorry the bee is not sharp but the little camera can't really cope! The rainbow was stunning with a very odd light effect at the time. Have a good weekend Diane

  2. Great shots of the Greenfinch and the Goldfinch. Handsome birds.

    1. Thanks David, the gold finches are quite cheeky, for that matter the greenfinch is also compared to the tits. Diane

  3. Hello Diane, I enjoyed the walk with you. Beautiful photos of critters and nature. Great rainbow photos.


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