Saturday, February 27, 2016

27/02/2016 Birds in the garden, a trip to the hairdresser, and oysters for lunch.

Maximum temperature 14C, minimum 1C. 59 km/h NE wind gusts. The rain has just started!
A thief at the little birds food...

Great-spotted Woodpecker male.

Eurasian collared dove and a Wood pigeon.

Eurasian collared dove.

Wood pigeon.

Have you ever tried staring out a Blue tit?.....

Ha; he has other thoughts....

OK so he gave up :-))

Great tit.

Railway line at Chasseneuil, you  can see the road crossing and the old station back central.

My favourite hairdresser is here.

Lunch time oysters.


  1. Great shot of the Great-spotted Woodpecker, a handsome bird indeed. Well done with the pigeons and doves too.

    1. Thanks David, I don't really like taking birds at the feeder but sometimes there is no choice! It was good to see him though. Have a good day Diane

  2. The markings and colour of the woodpecker is beautiful.

    1. They are pretty birds but they are also greedy and the little birds lose out when he makes his presence felt! Hope your day is a good one Diane

  3. Great photos. Thank you for the close up view of those beautiful birds.

    1. Thanks Nancy, I do love these little birds. Diane


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