Friday, February 26, 2016

26/02/2016 As forecast we had some sun today though it is not going to last! Out for a walk. I saw 2 butterflies but I also had the wrong camera!

Maximum temperature 11C minimum 0C.  23 km/h E wind. 1mm rain measured first thing this morning.
Farm yard.

Sheep and lambs.

Wall ornaments.



Wet roads.

Le Rivaillon still is flowing very fast.

Blossom, not sure what.


The bottom of the hill....

Still going up and much steeper than it looks here!....

At the top. Phew!

'Wild' Daffodils.

First cowslips.  There was a very wet ditch between me and them and of course I only had the small camera.

Winter wheat.

Le Rivaillon further along the stream...

water where it should not be but some areas still flooded.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes for one day, the clouds are back again today though I guess the blossom and cowslips are still there! Diane

  2. The crop of wheat is looking really good. Must be all that rain you have had!

    1. I agree the wheat is looking good, but oh I wish we could have longer break from the rain then one day! Diane

  3. You live in a beautiful place, love the countryside view. Even the wild daffodils are so pretty and the winter wheat field is so green.

    1. We also think it is lovely around us, so much farmland and this year with all the rain it is so green. Diane

  4. All that rain is bringing on spring. I like the yard art also.

    1. Gaelyn we really need a break from the rain for a few days, the ground is just saturated 300mm in two months is a huge amount for here. Have a good day Diane


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