Tuesday, March 1, 2016

01/03/2016 Another chilly day, French scrabble this afternoon.

Maximum temperature 10C, minimum -2C. 54 km/h SW winds. A light shower this evening nothing to measure.
Our salt and pepper pots.

Thai curry pumpkin soup for lunch to warm us up.

Love this kalanchoe it is looking better every day.

Cows en route to scrabble.

One of the few tractor drivers that bothers to move over.

Grey skies and a gorse bush on the right.

A tractor in the distance spreading liquid manure.

St Adjutory.


This was my board, bad enough in English but even worse in French!!!



  1. We play Scrabble all the time - only in English so far.

    1. We only play in French, not too bad for my husband as his French is reasonable but mine is rubbish. He did it at school and he has a good memory. I did not do it at school and I have no memory!!!! Enjoy it in English I am sure I would play a better game with you :-) Diane


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