Wednesday, March 2, 2016

02/03/2016 One of those wet days yet again.

Maximum temperature 12C, minimum 5C, 62 km/h W winds.  10mm rain measured this morning and it has been raining on and off for most of the day.
Total rainfall for January and February 342mm!!
Great tit at the window....

Think this one was complaining about the weather! 

Crocusus or croci, it seems both can be used.


Hyacinth hidden under a shrub.  Something has been eating all my flowers in this bed.  I see on this shot there are some little black bugs, I must investigate further!

Lawn daisy - bella perennis.

The grass needs cutting but I fear the mower will just sink!!

Great tit.


  1. Oh dear, yes we are having rains like mad!
    My lake is overflowing, and that makes me think I should check the pool.... Not something I used to do!
    I think your first pic is wonderful, the appearance of the tit behind the raindrops is awesome.
    And all those flowers popping up in your garden, spring is certainly upon us, wish only the sun could join the party!
    Isn't my friend the fox cute?!!
    I think I could eventually touch him if I wanted to one day but since I have to sell the place, I want him to remain very wary of all other humans!
    Keep well Diane and enjoy your evening :)

    1. Thanks Noushka I agree you must keep him wary of humans, it would be sad if you sold and he was shot because he was not scared. Thank goodness we have no pool any more or I am sure ours would be overflowing. I see all our fruit trees are just standing in water, there is nowhere for the water to go any more! I will be more than happy when the weather changes. Take care Diane

  2. Lovely to see colour in the midst of such soggy and grey weather. We are back in the UK with sleet, snow and a biting wind.

    1. Gaynor I think this weather is pretty widespread and the forecast is rain for the rest of the week here!!! Keep warm Diane

  3. Your skin is going to be wrinkled!

    1. Going through a lot of pots of anti-wrinkle cream :-))) Diane

  4. Love all the raindrops in your photos. You may be sick of them, but not here in the hot dry Australian summer... well 3 days into Autumn actually.

    1. It just goes on and on and if the forecast is right it is going to continue!! Diane

  5. Thanks for your reply, Diane :)
    As for sitting in a hide, it is so peaceful, you are truly in communion with nature and observing the birds is a wonder!
    Rain has been poring down again today, I am getting sick of it!!
    Enjoy your evening, my friend :)

    1. Thanks Noushka, and the forecast says continuous rain for the next 7 days!!!!!!! I am an impatient person and for me to sit still there would have to be non stop activity going on LOL. I can sit in a hide in a RSA game reserve for hours in comfort but again only if there is something going on. Diane


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