Thursday, March 3, 2016

03/03/2016 A few rushed photos as I have been in the kitchen a lot today.

Maximum temperature 11C, minimum 4C.  61 km/h W wind gusts.  4mm of rain.
The sun came out for a while and so did the croci...

as above.


Lawn daisy.

Japanese quince. It is mostly over now.

Viburnum tinus.

The wood pile.


  1. I noticed a few green shoots coming out of the ground so our croci cannot be too far behind.

    1. You will be behind us as you are so much colder. My yellow ones do not seem to have appeared!! Have a good day Diane

  2. We have just organised to have our winter wood delivered - then our woodpile will be ready.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    1. We thought we had cut enough for this year and put in the barn but we are going to have to cut more it seems!! Diane

  3. The vibrancy of the crocus is just stunning.

    1. They are beautiful when the sun decides to shine, trouble is it is not very often! Diane


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