Saturday, March 19, 2016

19/03/2016 A few quick photos, out this afternoon and early evening so will catch up tomorrow.

Maximum temperature 18C, minimum 0C. 41 km/h NE wind. Dry but the rain is forecast again for tomorrow.

Red Robin shoots.  Photinia fraseri.


Peony shoots.


Chaffinch male.

Goldfinches at a distance.

Sparrow female with an out of focus chaffinch!

The last of the market photos.....

The indoor fountain. (Not working) 
See the Xmas hat on its head!

The poultry counter.  Heads are often left on the birds here to prove they are what they say they are.
Note the Pintade (Guinea fowl) has its head on still,


  1. Hahaha!
    Great post, Diane, I wish I could see more of the Goldfinches at my feeder!
    I am very happy that the birds we eat still have their heads on... it suits my vixen very well!!!!
    I will soon show a couple of photos of her with me :)

  2. Oh, sorry....
    Warm hugs and have a great weekend!!!!!! :)

    1. Thanks Noushka for the comment and looking forward to seeing more photos of your vixen. We have a lots of Goldfinches this year but they are quite nervous. Hope you also have a good weekend and of course hugs and take care Diane

  3. I love that Hyacinth,What a vibrant color the have...I love all the clicks but that was on the top

    1. Thanks Priya, they are a beautiful colour. Have a good week Diane

  4. I am assuming that Pampas grass is not native to the area.

    1. David I would presume you are right and it is not native to Europe but it is grown all over. Most people seem to have some in their gardens. Diane


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