Friday, March 18, 2016

18/03/2016 Been working in the garden all day as the weather was perfect so lack of photos!

Maximum temperature 16C, minimum 1C. 20 km/h NE wind.  1 mm rain
Celandine and mini beetles.

Celandine minus beetles!

Hazel tree bud with ant at the tip!

Fly on the Viburnum tinus.

Rhubarb split and moved to the four markers.
On the dark patch behind is planted carrots and parsnips.
The weeds beyond have gone since I took the photo!

Bet it is the same one as yesterday as it was close to the same spot.

As above.

More photos of Angouleme market...
No market would survive here without a boulangerie...

or cheeses...

Liked the look of this canard (duck) pie...

La Poissonnerie...

and if you feel like a break you can stop and have an Italian coffee.


  1. I am hungry just looking at that wonderful bread and cheese.

    1. Nothing can beat French bread and cheese :-))) Hope your weekend is a good one Diane

  2. Mmmm that coffee sounds good...

    1. We were just off to a seminar so did not get to taste it but it smelt good :-) Diane

  3. Beautiful blooms and critters. I would love to explore the Angouleme market..

    1. Nancy I photograph birds in winter and lizards in summer so it looks like the change over is about to begin :-) Diane

  4. Your garden is looking good. Hope you have someone to water it while your gone this summer. Liked the market food until I saw the Ray.

    1. If you live in France you have to be prepared for anything at the market! Luckily they do not go as far as domestic home animals, other than horse meat!! Frog legs and snails are a delicacy as is sadly thrushes! Yes we will have someone in 3 x a week to water when we are away. Have a good week Diane


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