Monday, March 21, 2016

21/03/2016 A drive into town with Nigel and a walk (for me) back home.

Maximum temperature 14C, minimum 1C.  46 km/h NE chilly wind.  1mm rain measured this morning.
The main street in Chasseneuil - tractors are always around.

The main railway line with the station on the left.

It will be interesting to see how these trees look in a few months.

Louis Pasteur college on the road out of town...

as above.

The beautifully kept line of trees in the cemetery....

as above.

The bridge over the highway between Limoges and Angouleme.

Into the country - wheat fields....


the view across fields and Chasseneuil; the large Resistance Memorial in the centre.

A well in La Peyrelle

Brown and dry ferns by the roadside, soon they will be green and lush.

No shortage of dandelions around!!!

I took a lot more photos on this walk which will probably go on tomorrow.  We are going to the clinic for Nigel to have an MRI on his shoulder, to see if they can track down a pain which has been bugging him for some time, so photos may be at a minimum there!


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    1. Thanks David, more to follow :-) Diane

  2. I see you need protection barriers on your overpasses too. It is sad that these are now common place - to protect larrikins from throwing rocks and whatever else over the bridge at the cars. Where has the respect gone!

    1. No they are not commonplace here at all. We have many bridges over the highway and this is the only one with protection barriers. I suspect the reason here is it is close the the town where there is a lot going on and plenty of eating and drinking places, also it is right next to the college. Our teenagers here though are generally very polite and well behaved so I doubt if it is because of them. I would walk through a group of teenagers here without batting an eyelid (all I would hear is "bonjour madame") I certainly would not take the same walk in the UK!! Keep well Diane


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