Tuesday, March 22, 2016

22/03/2016 A trip to the clinic for Nigel's shoulder and a few more photos from yesterday's walk.

Maximum temperature 14C, minimum 0C.   46 km/h NE very icy wind.  Dry.
An early Great Tit at the window asking for food!

Driving over La Charente river.  (I was passenger!)

A roundabout in Soyaux, Angouleme with a bit of history preserved in the centre.

The clinic.  

Yesterday's walk continued - farmyard at La Peyrelle....

as above....

and the Lavoir.  Not the best we have seen!  Generally they have a roof and are well preserved.

The quiet country road.

Saint-Vincent, I think this is a small dam.

Last years maize.  The memorial can be seen again as yesterday's photo top left.

A few photos still left from yesterday's walk so...... maybe tomorrow.


  1. I enjoyed the drive with you. Thank you for the photos along your drive. That is a beautiful dam!

    1. Thanks Nancy for the kind comment and glad you enjoyed. Diane


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