Wednesday, March 23, 2016

23/03/2016 A few photos from the garden today and the remainder from Monday's walk.

Maximum temperature 15C, minimum 0C. 38 km/h cold wind. Dry.
Celandine with a bee-fly of Bombylius species.

Common Lizard, sure this is the same lizard as it is in the same place again.


The hyacinth is still looking good.

Flower of salad rocket plant also known as arugula.  Eruca sativa.

Buds of white bells, the blue bells are always later.

Saint-Vincent. This place is now a business, but 60 odd years ago it was an orphanage....

as above.  One of my followers lived here as a child which is how I know

A forlorn empty house at Saint-Vincent....

and a nearby pond.

Fields of lupins in the front and wheat beyond.

Cowslips at the roadside. 


  1. Are the lupine a grown for a crop? If so for what use? As always love your photos and especially the old buildings and flowers! So lovely!! Thank you for your kind words on my blog!!

    Blessings and hugs!

    1. Hi Doniene, so far as I understand it it mostly white lupins that are grown in France. At the beginning, lupin was consumed as a pickled seed like the olive in the south of France, in Portugal or North Africa. It was also used like semolina in the Mediterranean region and in the south of America to prepare pancakes.
      It's only been in the last 20 years that lupin has been used in the food industry for bread baking and pastry, and health foods. This "wonder seed" was rediscovered for these uses in Germany and the Benelux countries which have long produced and sold special breads with different varieties of seeds.
      Take care and have a good day Diane

  2. Diane, your garden blooms are so beautiful. Even the cowslips look pretty too. Lovely pond and field.

    1. Nancy the cowslips are beautiful at this time of the year and the sides of the roads are yellow with them. Keep well Diane

  3. It is all looking so spring like. The old house does look sad. Wow one of your blog friends lived there!

    1. Diane that house and its barns has been empty ever since we bought here in 2005. The person from the orphanage who now lives in the USA, said that he was sometimes taken up to that house where the adults played the French card game of Belote. His story is a sad one but he has changed identity and now seems pretty settled. T'other Diane

  4. Hi Diane,
    Great spring photos and plenty of sunshine in this post!
    No the same here, too many clouds but I will quite busy and I won't have many photoo opportunities in the coming weeks if all goes well.
    Warm hugs, and many thanks for kind words :)

    1. It is sunny again today but the winds are quite cold. It sounds like the rain will return on Sunday, but the garden could do with another drop now, so as long as it does not continue I don't mind! Good news that you are busy and I hope things are going ahead for you the way you want them to. We are going to Domaine Sermet for a week in April so I hope the weather is good then. Take care, I think of you often. Big hugs Diane


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