Thursday, March 24, 2016

24/03/2016 Nigel had a trip to La Rochefoucauld and a few photos from the garden.

Maximum temperature 14C, minimum 1C.  21 km/h W wind. Dry. Rain forecast for tomorrow and Easter!
La Rochefoucauld with the château in the background....

Mmmmm the chocolate shop....

Looking up the main street...

Restoration in progress and it looks like the road is closed...

Up high; men at work.

The road home - we have had a double chicane here for months - at last maybe they are solving the problem.

Lawn Daisy and bee, good to see them around.

I think this is cranesbill growing in the lawn.


As above with a grape hyacinth.

Lawn daisies.

Dandelion clock.

Yes it is still around...

Common Lizard.

Wild violet.


  1. I enjoy visiting a chocolate shop. Always enjoy your flowers photos and critters too!

    1. I love the chocolate shops but the are not cheap!! Have a good weekend Diane

  2. Beautiful macros and an interesting look into the town.

    1. Thanks Diane, it is an interesting town and the château as a backdrop makes it more so. Have a good Easter weekend t'other Diane

  3. I like that at least some of the historic buildings get restored. Your spring flowers look to be in full bloom.


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