Friday, March 25, 2016

25/03/2016 Not a good day for photos almost continuous drizzle!

Maximum temperature 12C, minimum 5C.  38 km/h SW wind.  1mm rain measured this morning.
 Chaffinch male.

Greenfinch female

Robin keeping its distance.  I was surprised to see it, usually it is gone by the middle of March only to return again in winter.

Gob-stoppers in Intermarche!

Old house in the main street of Chasseneuil.

Shopping in Lidl - no holiday here on Good Friday, only Monday.

In Lidl...

as above.


  1. So you like your new shopping centre. It looks good.

    1. We have always like Lidl Diane but the new shop is just so much cleaner and nicer than the old one. :-) Hope you had a good Easter, t'other Diane


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