Tuesday, March 29, 2016

29/03/2016 Grey and overcast. A very few garden photos today.

Maximum temperature 14C, minimum 4C.  39 km/h SW chilly wind. 1 mm rain measured this morning.
A rare photo of the robin fairly close, spicing up life in the rosemary.   
Good to see it has not disappeared yet.

Female Blackbird.


White 'blue' bells.

First tulip buds.

Broad bean flowers.

Bluebell buds, thankfully they are always later than the white ones so I hope they do not cross pollinate. 


  1. The robin is just beautiful. Well done!

    1. So lucky to get this shot. In the Uk they used to be friendly here they are very nervous! Too many farmers chasing birds away!!! Diane

  2. Morning greetings from your birds and flowers. Beautiful flowers!

    1. Thanks Nancy,I know how much you love flowers :-) Diane


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