Saturday, April 9, 2016

09/04/2016 A chaffinch and a selection of wild flowers around us.

Maximum temperature 13C, minimum 1C. 34 km/h NW winds. Drizzle on and off.
Chaffinch male...

the same bird with two sparrows flying by...

and having a drink.

The bluebells behind the chaffinch.


Unknown - it has long slim leaves!



Lunaria rediviva (I think)

Unknown climber.




  1. Seems you're seeing more spring blooms. Do you eat the plantain leaves?

    1. There are bluebells and cowslips everywhere now Gaelyn, the perfume is strong and certainly beats the smell of the past few weeks where the farmers have been spreading liquid and solid manure!!!!!
      No I don't eat plantain, the main reason being I am never 100% sure of my identification!!!! Mushrooms we always get the chemist to check for us. I am a coward when it comes to things growing outside my vegetable garden!!
      Have a good day Diane

  2. You are so blessed with so many pretty blooms and cute birds in your garden. I love to see those cute little flowers.

    1. A beautiful time of year in the country with all the wild flowers out :-) Keep well Diane


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