Sunday, April 24, 2016

24/04/2016 Sunday has disappeared with little to show for it - pensioners lunch at our local village.

Maximum temperature 12C minimum 1 C.  37 km/h  SW winds.  1 mm rain measured.
The menu.

White wine especially for me as I do not like the local red!

The only course I remembered to take a photo of!!

We finished of with champagne and then cognac (above) :-))))

Every lady in the room was given a plant.

The conga line.  The man waving to me has recently had a lung removed with cancer!

This lady was trying to get more volunteers for the conga line.
A good day was had by all I think.


  1. Ahh the congo line... what fun!!

    1. A great time was had by all, amazing what a couple of glasses of wine can do :-) Diane

  2. Its great to see oldies enjoying themselves.

    1. Isn't is just and this happens every year LOL t'other Diane

  3. Gee, I want to have lunch with you!


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