Monday, May 2, 2016

02/05/2016 A drive to Confolens and a walk in the garden.

Maximum temperature 17C, Minimum 1C.  25 km/h NW winds. Dry.
The yellow fields of Rape.

Nigel walking the other way!

Confolens art.


Tractors everywhere - cutting edges...

on the roads...

moving something...

and I think this is one of the tractors that they use for working in the grapes

Apple blossom.

The wasps are back!

Oxythea funesta I think, guilty of eating flower buds!

Californian Poppy.


  1. Those wasps look menacing. We have bees in our garden in the summer and they are placid as can be. Wasps are another story - they seem to sting for no reason.

    1. We had two wasp nests removed last year (at a cost) as I am allergic to both them and bees! I carry tablets. Nigel was stung last year by a wasp when he was just stood talking to me!! I hate to say it but I was glad it was him and not me!! Diane

  2. Wonderful series of beautiful photos. I am always on the lookout for wasps and insects that destroy my plants.

    1. The larger insects are easy to keep clear on plants. It is the nasty little guys who are very small or only that come out at night which are the problem. I have a lily being eaten at the moment that I have no idea what is doing it and I had the same problem with it last year as well!!!! Keep well Diane


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