Tuesday, May 3, 2016

03/05/2016 Out for a walk with one of the local clubs.

Maximum temperature 17C, minimum 6C.   26 km/h NE winds.
Tree nursery.

Unique shelter over a seat. Creepers are planted on either side.

Bluebells, cow parsley and an unknown white flower.

The walkers. Eighteen in all.

Crimson clover planted in the grass which will shortly be turned into hay for the cattle.

There was a stream running through here but I could not get close enough due to brambles!

Someone is not going to get cold in the next few years!!!

Honesty - Lunaria annua

Beautiful countryside to walk in.

Watchful eyes by this pair of cats.

A local dam.


Montemboeuf's old weighbridge...

and the old scales protected by modern blocks!

Ghost sign.

Flowers on the chestnut trees.


  1. Hi Diane, its wonderful to join the walkers and see what you are seeing through your photos. I like the unique shelter and lovely nature views.

    1. Thanks Nancy it was good to walk with friends but not easy for me to do as they walk on the same day as we play scrabble. Just this time one of the ladies we play the game with was away. The shelter will look good once the creepers have grown over it. Diane

  2. Hello Diane,
    It was a nice sunny day to stroll out with friends!
    This crimson clover is very beautiful and a rich source of proteins for cattle.
    The wood piles remind of the ones we did with Patrick, I still have heaps for 3 years at least but where I'm going, I won't need it.
    The chestnut tree flowers are gorgeous, I can admire them here too.
    I hope you are both well, I am still extremely busy and by the end of june it will be a lot worse.
    Keep well and enjoy the day :)
    Warm hugs

    1. Hi Noushka and thanks for the comment. I have never seen that crimson clover before, I had to look it up, it is gorgeous.
      Sorry about the wood piles, planning ahead for the future is good but for you it is very sad.
      Love the chestnut trees they are so pretty at the moment.
      We are both well and thinking ahead for our holiday, as you know somewhere very new to us!
      I can well imagine how busy you are and difficult as well. Yes it will only get worse in every way I think, a trip to Ozz will be very welcome at the end of it all.
      Take care and stay well. Big warm hugs Diane

  3. Looks like a very enjoyable work. People always seem to store way too many logs. Around here the sugar shacks use log fires to boil down the sap and they all seem to have enough fuel for the next ten years, but they go ahead each year and cut down a few more trees to add to the pile.


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