Wednesday, May 4, 2016

04/05/2016 Just a walk around the garden........

Maximum temperature 20C,  minimum 2C.   31 kms/h SE winds Dry. Watered the garden!
Apple blossom but where are the bees?

Californian poppy.

Choisya ternata.


as above.


I planted the seeds for these last year, nothing happened.   I now I have 5 coming up! They are called Pheasant's eye.

Red Robin....

As above but close up/

The same tulip as I put on the blog on the 26th - it is doing well.

Leeks, cabbage and chard all from the garden.


  1. It's a good question, where are the bees? Pollinators are in crisis for sure.

    1. I have never seen so few as this year. I saw one bumble bee in the blossom this evening, but he will have to work hard to pollinate our three apple trees! Diane

  2. Beautiful post with beautiful blooms. Even your vegetables look great! The Japanese roses in my garden are attracting a lot of bees.

    1. Please send some of your bees this way we seem to have serious shortage! Have a good day Diane


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