Thursday, May 5, 2016

05/05/2016 Ascension day holiday today celebrated the French way. Tiling starts on the verandah.

Maximum temperature 24C, minimum 4C,  55 km/h SW winds. Dry.
Californian Poppies growing in the road outside our neighbour.

Sanglier on the spit. (Wild pig)

Taponnat Salle des Fêtes. A new building that was only completed about 18 months ago. Thankfully it is away from the old town.

The Samsung did not do very well today and the only photo worth using was the starter!!!  Melon, tomato and pâté de sanglier. 

The French horn players. We had a great meal, but mostly it was a bit too disco like for us and very noisy.  If only they had turned the speakers down a bit!!

The start of tiling our verandah.  We gave up with the first tiler who let us down over a couple of years, we now have a new guy......

As above.

Tonight's sunset.


  1. Gorgeous poppy blooms and stunning sunset.

    1. We do get some great sunsets here from Spring until Autumn. Winter it is rare. Have a good weekend Diane

  2. If you gotta eat might as well be like that, huh?

    1. Its a tough life living in France LOL. Hope your weekend is a good one. Diane


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