Friday, May 6, 2016

06/05/2016 Insects in the garden but not on the fruit trees!! Hope there are some pollinators around that I have missed.

Maximum temperature 22C, minimum 10C,  69 kms/h SW winds.
On the choisya ternata a hover-fly of the Syrphidae species.  It was very windy and the few bugs around were not out on the apple trees.

Looks like a bumble bee of some kind. Possibly Bombus pascuorum? Noushka says it is a fly though so I am sure she is right.

A fly!  Blue bottle ?

My guess is a type of fly, I am not even going to try and identify!

As above.

Looking for insects - Common Lizard.

  Pheasants Eye, Adonis Aestivalis


Broad Beans.

The tiling is coming along but it looks like we are due rain which is going to call a halt to everything!


  1. Our temperatures are similar at the moment. Just perfect. Your macro bug shots are fabulous. The tiling is looking good.

    1. I still think it is a bit cool, when we are over 20C all the time I will be happy :-)
      We wiated so long for this tiling, it was planned more than two years ago. To cut a long story short we gave up on the original guy, and Paul who is doing the job now, we only met at the end of last year. We were lucky he could fit us in as he is busy now up until the end of October. Just hope the weather stay dry enough for him to finish. T'other Diane

  2. Great detail on these insects. Maybe someone will be able to identify them.

    1. Thanks David, I am always wary of identification of insects, or birds I am not sure of, as there are people who follow who never comment until I make a mistake then then I get to hear about it!!! :-)))) Diane

  3. Nice post - I do like that lizard.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    1. Ah, but the green lizard which I just love was out this morning, watch the next post. Diane

  4. I hope you finally found some pollinators. They seem to be threatened the world over and heaven knows we need them.

    1. It is bad news David, without them life will be a big problem! I have still not seen any on the apple trees, but it has been so windy that the few that are around seem to be in sheltered places. Fingers crossed they will turn up. Diane

  5. Oh dear, you are busy tiling outdoors.. With the bad forecast this week, that's brave!!
    You bees are all flies ;-)
    Many take on the appearance of bees but if you look carefully between the eyes, you will see the mouthparts with which they suck their liquefied meal.
    The first one is from the Syrphidae family, but I have really no time to get you their precise ID.
    Some years ago I published posts about them!
    Many thanks again for your sweet comments, I love reading you and having news of your garden and the creatures living in it!
    Take good care of your lizards, they are so useful... I hope you have bats, they are precious against mosquitoes!
    Keep well Diane, and enjoy the coming week

    1. Hi Noushka, the date was set for the tiling months ago and when we started it looked OK, but now the forecast now is rubbish!!
      Ha ha I know I am useless at identification of insects, it is best I do nor make any suggestions at all.
      Oh I love my lizards especially the green ones and we have plenty of them around. Yes there are also bats around and we see a lot in the evenings. The car parked in the barn also has to be covered because of them though they do not roost or hibernate there. Sure they go to one of the less inhabited barns.
      Stay well and hope the week goes as well as it can at the moment, warm hugs Diane


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