Sunday, May 8, 2016

08/05/2016 Round and about locally. Very windy!

Maximum temperature 21C, minimum 10C.   72 km/h SE winds.  Dry so far!
Green Lizard (male) in our garden today,  Lacerta viridis.

Wild flower of the pea family.  Lathyrus species.

The old bridge at Vitrac.

The local fair with lots of plants for sale.

There was a competition for flowers and bicycles.

Glass blowing,  this man's work was superb.

Another flowery bicycle.

Seen in one of the locals garden.




  1. Super pics as always, Diane. I especially love the lizard and the wisteria.

    1. Thanks Gaynor, I do love the green lizards and they generally get more used to us being around as the season goes on. This one though seemed unaffected by Nigel almost stepping on him by mistake! The wisteria was beautiful :-) Have a good week Diane x

  2. That Green Lizard is superb. I wish we had them here.

    1. Pride and joy of our garden, I do love seeing them around. Have a good week Diane

  3. Whoa that lizard sure is green. Great shot. The flowers are beautiful. Makets and flowers. Spring is with you for sure.

    1. Thanks Diane, yes the lizard really is stunning colour. The rain has now returned and the tiling is on hold!!! T'other Diane


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