Thursday, May 12, 2016

12/05/2016 Another wet day!

Maximum temperature  17C, minimum 7C.  28  km/h  NW winds. 15mm of rain measured.
Blackbird female. Turdus merula.


Bee on the sage.

As above

Love in a Mist.


Bee on the borage.

Peony in bud.

Cucumber seedlings.

Tiles still under cover!


  1. That must be annoying when you want to get outside work done. Your photos are superb. How do you get the bee and the flower in focus and so sharp?

    1. It is really upsetting as we just cannot do anything about the tiles in this weather. I feel sorry for the tiler as well as he is booked up until October and he cannot get on with the job. If he starts another job inside and the weather changes he needs to get back here. Very difficult!
      Re the photos, I wish I had an answer for you but I haven't. I just rely on the camera to do its job and I just point and shoot. I use the Nikon 3200 with the telescopic lens for the insects and flowers. For the insects flitting around I generally set it on sport, for the flowers I just set it on close up. I still do not understand manual settings!!!! Keep well, t'other Diane

  2. I really have been enjoying your macro work with the bugs recently.

    1. Winter is bird time and bugs are summer time. Any birds I get a photo of in summer are generally ones in the bird bath as there is no feeder to attract them and many of them disappear in summer to heaven know where. Mainly all we seem to get is sparrows and blackbirds with the odd exception. When out walking I carry the small point and shoot Samsung which cannot cope with birds, or insects usually for that matter. The latter are plentiful though in the garden generally. Have a good weekend Diane


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