Thursday, May 26, 2016

26/05/2006 Few photos taken today!

Maximum temperature 22C minimum 11C.  Variable 13 km/h winds.  Light rain not measured as yet.
A visit to the optical centre to replace Nigel's cycle glasses which have cracked.

Mrs Blackbird in the Medlar Tree.

The flight of the bumble bee.  Lots of pollen!

Common Lizard male.

Longhorn beetle.

Love in a mist.

Masses of broad beans in the garden - de-podding takes time, but another 1200g frozen today.


  1. Beautiful critters photos especially of the close up shot of the bee with the pollen on it. The love in a mist flower is very pretty and new to me.

    1. We have Love in the Mist all over the garden it reseeds every year and I have to say I love it. Not that hard to control as it pulls out quite easily when I have surplus. I have it in blue, white and pink. Diane

  2. It seems curious that the optical centre you visited has an English name with American spelling. What happened to French pride?

  3. I have noticed shop names are often in English, though none of them speak a word of English, or in this case American. Not sure what it is all about! Diane


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